All you need to know about Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals and businesses alike to leverage their online presence for financial gain by promoting one of the globe’s premier online travel agencies. 

This comprehensive guide aims to furnish a comprehensive understanding of the program, encompassing its myriad advantages, operational intricacies, and the requisite steps for affiliating with 

Whether you are an avid traveler, a content curator, or a website proprietor, this guide will elucidate how you can harness the Affiliate Program to augment your online revenue streams while delivering valuable travel solutions to your audience. Join us in delving into the lucrative domain of travel affiliate marketing with in a professional and informed manner.

What is stands as a prominent online travel agency (OTA), delivering an extensive range of travel services to cater to the diverse needs of global travelers. Its offerings encompass flight reservations, lodging bookings, car rentals, and various other travel-related amenities. 

The platform operates internationally, supporting multiple

languages and currencies to cater to a diverse clientele.’s mobile app enhances convenience, offering mobile-exclusive deals and instant booking confirmations. 

The loyalty program, Trip Coins, rewards users for bookings, reducing future travel costs. With user-generated reviews, travel guides, and customer support, empowers travelers with information to make informed decisions. Frequent promotions and discounts further make it a preferred choice for travelers.


How Does Work? operates as an online travel agency (OTA) that simplifies the process of planning and booking travel experiences for customers. Here’s how works:

Step #1: Search and Selection: Users visit the website or mobile app and begin by entering their travel details. This includes the destination, travel dates, and other preferences such as the number of travelers and room types.

Step #2: Search Outcomes: promptly generates a roster of available choices in response to the specified criteria. This comprehensive selection typically encompasses flights, accommodations, car rentals, and a spectrum of other travel-related services. Users are empowered to peruse these choices to pinpoint the ones that align with their preferences and financial plans.

Step #3: Refinement and Evaluation: To enhance the decision-making process, users can refine search results using a variety of criteria, including price ranges, hotel star ratings, airline preferences, and more. This facilitates a personalized selection process. Moreover, equips users with tools to facilitate side-by-side comparisons of different options, aiding in making informed choices.

Step #4: Booking: Once users have selected their preferred flights, accommodations, or other services, they can proceed with the booking process. This typically involves providing traveler information and payment details to confirm the reservation.

Step #5: Confirmation: After the booking is confirmed, users receive booking confirmation details via email or through the app. This includes reservation codes, e-tickets, and hotel booking references.

Step #6: Traveler Assistance: is dedicated to supporting travelers by providing comprehensive customer support services. These services are available to address inquiries, facilitate booking modifications, and help resolve any travel-related issues. Users are encouraged to reach out to the dedicated support team for expert assistance and guidance.

Step #7: Rewarding Loyalty: introduces a loyalty program known as “Trip Coins” designed to appreciate its users’ loyalty. This program grants rewards to users for their booking activities. Accumulated Trip Coins can subsequently be applied to reduce the cost of future travel reservations, providing added value to devoted customers.

Step #8: On-the-Go Convenience: enhances the travel experience with its mobile app, tailored for smartphones. This app enables travelers to efficiently plan and manage their journeys while on the move. Moreover, it frequently showcases exclusive deals and promotions for users’ benefit.

Step #9: Additional Services: In addition to core travel services, offers extras such as airport transfers, train ticket bookings, and attraction tickets to enhance the overall travel experience.

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Benefits of the Affiliate Program:

The Affiliate Program offers several benefits for affiliates looking to monetize their websites or apps by promoting travel-related services. Here are some key benefits of the affiliate program:


Earning Commissions: 

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn attractive commissions for each successful booking generated via their referral links or promotional content. Commission rates are flexible, contingent on the specific service booked (e.g., flights, hotels, car rentals) and the geographic region.

Global Coverage:’s services are available in numerous countries and regions worldwide. Affiliates can tap into a global audience, increasing the potential for commission earnings.

User-Friendly Tools: provides affiliates with user-friendly tools, including customizable search widgets, banners, and deep links, to help them seamlessly integrate travel content into their websites or apps.

Real-Time Reporting: 

Affiliates have access to detailed, real-time reporting and tracking tools. This allows them to monitor the performance of their promotional efforts, track bookings, and assess their commission earnings.

Dedicated Affiliate Support: offers dedicated affiliate support to assist affiliates with any questions, technical issues, or optimization strategies. This support can help affiliates maximize their earnings.

Mobile App Integration: 

Affiliates can promote‘s mobile app, increasing the potential for mobile bookings and earning commissions from app downloads and bookings.

Overall, the Affiliate Program provides affiliates with a comprehensive set of tools, support, and opportunities to earn commissions by promoting travel services to a global audience. Affiliates can leverage the program’s benefits to monetize their traffic and enhance their website’s revenue potential.

How to Join The Affiliate Program and Earn Commissions?

Of course, there’s a formalized version of the step-by-step guide on how to join the Affiliate Program and earn commissions:

1. Visit the Affiliate Program Page:

  • Initiate the process by accessing the official Affiliate Program page, which is typically accessible through the website. Locate the designated section for the affiliate program, often labeled as “Affiliate Program” or “Partners.”

2. Register or enroll:

  • Navigate to the affiliate program page, where you will discover an option to register or sign up as an affiliate. Opt for this choice to initiate the registration process.

3. Sign up:

  • Visit the affiliate program page and choose “Sign Up” to begin registration.

4. Complete Form: 

  • Fill out the application form with your name, contact info, website URL (if applicable), online presence, promotion strategy, and preferred payment method.

5. Accept the following program terms and conditions:

  • Examine the Affiliate Program terms and conditions carefully. Ensure you possess a thorough comprehension and alignment with the program’s rules, prerequisites, and policies. You may be asked to confirm your consent by either checking a designated box or providing a digital signature.

6. Submit Your Application:

  • After completing the application form and confirming your agreement to the terms, submit your affiliate application. The application will be forwarded to for assessment.

7. Await Approval:

  • will undertake the review of your affiliate application. Approval timelines may vary, but you can anticipate receiving a confirmation email once your affiliate account gains approval. This email will contain instructions on accessing your affiliate dashboard.

8. Access the Affiliate Dashboard:

  • Access your affiliate account by utilizing the credentials provided in the confirmation email. This will grant you entry to the affiliate dashboard, where you can manage your affiliate activities.

9. Generate affiliate links:

  • Inside the affiliate dashboard, you’ll find an array of tools and resources meticulously crafted to assist you in effectively promoting’s services. Among the features available, you can generate specialized affiliate links for various travel services, encompassing flights, accommodations, car rentals, and more. 

10. Incorporate links and promotions:

  • Determine where and how you intend to promote’s services. You can seamlessly integrate affiliate links and promotional materials into your website, blog, application, or other online platforms. Create content centered around travel-related topics and naturally include your affiliate links.

11. Initiate Promotion:

  • Launch your promotion by crafting valuable and informative content. This may encompass travel guides, hotel reviews, flight booking tips, and other relevant subjects. Your objective is to engage travelers and motivate them to click on your affiliate links to book travel services.

12. Monitor Performance:

  • Employ the tracking tools accessible within your affiliate dashboard to monitor the performance of your promotional efforts. You can track metrics such as clicks, bookings, and earned commissions in real time.

13. Optimize and Generate Commissions:

  • Continuously optimize your promotional strategies to enhance conversion rates and maximize commission earnings. Experiment with diverse content types, placements, and marketing channels to identify the most effective approaches for your audience.

14. Receive Commissions:

  • As customers utilize your affiliate links to book travel services and complete their trips, you will accrue commissions. typically follows a predetermined payment schedule for affiliates, and you will receive your earnings according to this schedule.

15. Select Payment Method:

  • Configure your preferred payment method within your affiliate account to facilitate the receipt of your commissions. may offer multiple payment options, such as bank transfers or PayPal.

16. Adhere to Compliance and Guidelines:

  • Ensure strict adherence to’s affiliate program guidelines and policies to uphold your affiliate status. Uphold ethical marketing practices and abstain from any fraudulent or prohibited activities.

By meticulously following these formalized steps, you can effectively enroll in the Affiliate Program and commence the process of earning commissions by promoting their travel services to your audience. Remember that building credibility with your audience through high-quality content is paramount to affiliate success.

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How to Be Successful in the Affiliate Network:

Niche Relevance: Ensure that your website or platform’s niche aligns with travel and tourism to attract an audience genuinely interested in’s services.

  • Quality Content: Provide valuable insights, travel guides, and tips to your audience.
  • Strategic Placement: Position your affiliate links strategically within your content, making them relevant to the topic at hand.
  • Mobile Optimization: As many travelers use mobile devices, ensure that your website or platform is mobile-friendly to accommodate this audience.
  • Promotional Channels: Explore various promotional channels, including social media, email marketing, and paid advertising, to diversify your affiliate efforts.
  • Audience Engagement: Foster a sense of community and engage with your audience through comments, discussions, and responding to inquiries.

Using to Analyze and Understand Your Affiliate Data:

  • provides comprehensive analytics tools within your affiliate dashboard, enabling you to track crucial metrics such as clicks, bookings, and commissions in real time.
  • Utilize these analytics to assess the effectiveness of your promotional strategies and make informed decisions on optimizations.


Q1: What payment methods are available for receiving affiliate commissions from

A1. typically offers multiple payment options, such as bank transfers or PayPal. You can configure your preferred payment method within your affiliate account.

Q2: Is there a minimum threshold for affiliate commission payouts?

A2. may have a minimum threshold for commission payouts. Check the affiliate program’s terms and conditions or contact their support for specific details.

Q3: Can I promote through social media platforms?

A3. Yes, you can promote through social media platforms. Ensure that your promotional activities comply with’s guidelines and policies.

Q4: How often are affiliate commissions paid out by

A4. typically follows a predetermined payment schedule for affiliates. The frequency of commission payments may vary, so consult the program’s terms for precise information.


In conclusion, has established itself as a prominent global online travel agency since its inception in 1999. The platform offers a comprehensive range of travel services, including flights, accommodations, and vacation packages, making it a favored choice for travelers seeking convenience and quality. The Affiliate Program presents a valuable opportunity for individuals and businesses to earn commissions by promoting these services. Success in the program depends on niche relevance, content quality, and strategic placement of affiliate links. 

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