What is Skillshare? Is it worth it?

With so many options for both professional and personal development, the field of online learning has flourished in recent years. Skillshare has established a distinct niche for itself among these platforms, especially for individuals with a creative bent. In this piece, we will analyze Skillshare’s definition, price, class format, and general user experience. In addition, we will discuss our perspectives, evaluate Skillshare against its rivals, and go into more detail about particular facets of art-related courses and the platform’s teaching potential.

What is Skillshare?

A shining example of online education, Skillshare is a distinguished learning community well-known for its commitment to the creative process. Many fields, such as graphic design, photography, animation, poetry in writing, dreaming on canvas, melody in an embrace, market song, and more, are covered in thousands of courses that weave a kaleidoscope of knowledge within them. 

What stands out is Skillshare’s project-based learning symphony, where students act as conductors and composers and learn through both watching and sharing video lessons and sharing their work.

This sanctuary operates upon the harmonious cadence of membership, granting subscribers boundless access to this vast tapestry of wisdom. Curiosity has no boundaries in this place, and the pursuit of knowledge freely traverses a wide range of topics. 

Master artisans, prominent figures in the field, and seasoned professionals create and curate the works of art on Skillshare’s canvas, giving students access to the secret sauce of practical knowledge and real-world acumen.

Yet, Skillshare’s brilliance lies not only in its repository of wisdom but also in the luminous constellation of its community. Within its digital embrace, learners commune with mentors and peers, engage in collaborative symphonies of creativity, and share the harmonious notes of feedback. 

This communal crucible nurtures a spirit of togetherness and camaraderie, for here, in the heart of Skillshare, education transcends solitary pursuit and blossoms into a collective celebration of knowledge.


How much does Skillshare cost?

Skillshare’s orchestration of accessibility is attuned to the rhythm of subscription-based models, offering two distinct compositions for learners:

1. Monthly:

This plan grants learners a melodious journey through the full spectrum of courses, renewing itself on a month-by-month basis. It beckons to those who wish to dip their toes into the river of knowledge without a long-term commitment—a gentle introduction to the symphony of learning.

2. Annual:

For the committed connoisseurs of learning, this opus is an annual luxury, billing its patrons on a yearly crescendo. It is the choice of those who pledge their hearts to Skillshare’s virtuosity, foreseeing a harmonious journey over an extended horizon.

Skillshare’s overture often includes promotional compositions, especially for newcomers, featuring a captivating overture of a free trial period, granting unfettered access to the platform’s orchestration. 

This trial is a siren’s call, inviting prospective subscribers to explore the rich symphony of content and determine if Skillshare’s melody resonates with their souls. Furthermore, a selection of melodies is available for free, allowing listeners to savor the essence of Skillshare’s offerings without the need for a subscription.

The cost of Skillshare is a dynamic symphony, harmonizing with the regional nuances and the ever-changing cadence of promotions. Yet, in the grand orchestration of education, where the acquisition of knowledge is valued as gold, many discover that Skillshare’s subscription is an affordable and precious gem, an investment in the continuous crescendo of learning.

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Who teaches on Skillshare?

A diverse range of instructors, each a luminary in their own right, weave the wisdom of Skillshare into the minds of eager learners on the platform by sharing their own experiences and insights. Each of these instructors is a virtuoso in their field, a gallery of experts and seasoned practitioners. 

Among them stand award-winning artists, luminous entrepreneurs, celebrated bards of the written word, and artisans of impeccable craftsmanship, to name but a few. Skillshare, in its wisdom, has cast aside the shackles of strict prerequisites for instructorship, fostering a blossoming garden of diverse course offerings. 

This liberality extends a warm invitation to professionals from all walks of life to share the treasures of their knowledge. However, like the vibrant petals of a garden, this diversity also means that the courses vary in their hues and depths. 

Learners may embark on a journey of exploration, navigating through reviews and glimpses to find the melodies that resonate with their learning aspirations. To aid these maestros of instruction, Skillshare extends a benevolent hand, providing tools and resources that illuminate the path to crafting effective and engaging courses. 

Guidelines on course structure, tips for the art of video production, and the embrace of community support all contribute to the symphony of well-produced courses, each a vessel of valuable insights into the practical skills and techniques that enrich the lives of learners. In the grand symphony of Skillshare, the instructors are the conductors, and their lessons are the harmonious notes that enrich the minds of those who seek to learn.

What are Skillshare’s classes like?

Skillshare’s pedagogy is an ode to the practical, a canvas where creativity and skills are nurtured through a hands-on, project-based symphony. Here’s a glimpse into the composition of a typical Skillshare class:


1. Length and Format:

Classes are a mosaic of short video lessons, fragments of knowledge that allow learners to waltz through a course at their own pace. A typical class may span from the brisk tempo of 20 minutes to the majestic opus of several hours, each divided into smaller, digestible segments.

2. Hands-on Projects:

At the heart of most classes lies a project, a canvas where students paint their understanding with the brush of practicality. This endeavor might entail the creation of art that dances with the muse, the crafting of a short story that whispers secrets, or the meticulous architecture of a marketing plan that beckons customers.

3. Community Interaction:

Within this digital amphitheater, students take center stage, sharing their projects and basking in the applause of both peers and instructors. This dialogue weaves a tapestry of interaction where wisdom is exchanged, insights are gifted, and tips are passed like treasures.

4. Variety of Topics:

The courses unfold like a banquet of knowledge, a cornucopia that spans a kaleidoscope of subjects. Here, the spotlight shines on the creative and entrepreneurial realms. Whether you yearn to master the art of animation, construct the web’s dream, conjure culinary wonders, or fashion a personal brand, Skillshare’s stage awaits your performance.

In this grand performance of learning, Skillshare’s stage is set for creators and adventurers alike, a sanctuary where hands mold the clay of knowledge, where projects are symphonies of understanding, and where the community is the audience that applauds your journey.

How is Skillshare’s user experience?

Skillshare’s user experience is a harmonious symphony of simplicity and accessibility, embracing learners from diverse backgrounds with open arms. Here are the key facets that define the user experience on Skillshare:

1. Navigation and Interface:

The platform’s interface is a serene canvas that is uncluttered and intuitive. Navigating the vast repository of courses is effortless, with search, topic filtering, and sorting options by popularity or teacher. Course descriptions are lucid, and the journey to start or resume a class is a straightforward voyage.

2. Video Player Functionality:

The video player is a maestro in its own right, offering learners the freedom to orchestrate their learning at their preferred tempo. Options for playback speed and quality provide a customized experience. Closed captions, a gesture of inclusivity, are a welcome companion for enhanced accessibility.

3. Community Features:

The platform resonates with the harmonies of interaction, offering interactive features that transform learning into a communal celebration. Project galleries, class discussions, and avenues for feedback weave a tapestry of engagement, inviting learners to dance in harmony with instructors and peers.

4. Mobile App:

Skillshare extends its embrace beyond the confines of a desktop, offering a mobile app that is finely tuned for learning on the move. This app is a beacon for those who seek knowledge in places where internet access may be limited, offering the gift of offline class downloads.

5. Performance and Reliability:

The platform stands as a paragon of reliability, with technical hiccups as rare as a comet’s visit. A seamless learning experience is ensured, allowing learners to traverse the path of knowledge without interruptions.

In essence, Skillshare’s user experience is an open invitation to explore new realms of knowledge, a journey that is both accessible and enjoyable. It is a sanctuary where simplicity is the key and the community is the heartbeat that keeps the rhythm of learning alive.


How does Skillshare compare to its competitors?

When Skillshare stands in the arena alongside its competitors, it showcases its unique identity through several distinctive qualities:

1. Focus on Creative Learning:

  • Creativity and entrepreneurship are Skillshare’s areas of expertise. In contrast, there is a vast array of professional and academic courses available on platforms like Coursera.

2. Subscription Model:

  • With Skillshare, you can access an infinite reservoir of knowledge through their subscription model. On the other hand, a la carte courses are available on skillshare websites such as Udemy, where students must choose their courses individually.

3. Course Structure:

  • The courses on Skillshare are akin to short stories, concise, and project-driven. They beckon to those who crave a hands-on, practical approach to learning, making creativity tangible.

4. Instructor Diversity:

  • Skillshare throws open its doors to anyone with expertise, creating a democratic stage where a multitude of voices and styles can flourish. This diverse garden of instructors contrasts with platforms like Coursera, where academic and professional backgrounds often take the spotlight.

5. Community Engagement:

  • Within Skillshare’s embrace, community is more than just a word; it’s a living, breathing entity. Peer feedback and interactive projects form the pillars of this communal edifice, enriching the learning experience in ways that set it apart.

In this grand arena of online learning, Skillshare dons its unique coat of creativity, offering an invitation to explore, create, and connect. It’s a platform where the artist, the entrepreneur, and the dreamer find their canvas, a realm where practicality and community go hand in hand.

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Why are they Important, and a few tips to get you started?

Take into consideration these guiding principles to help you navigate the world of art fundamentals on Skillshare as you begin your journey:

1. Begin with Beginner Classes:

  • Lay your foundation with courses that embrace the basics. These courses are your compass, guiding you through the labyrinth of artistic elements. Look for instructors who are skilled cartographers of creativity.

2. Cultivate Consistent Practice:

  • The path to mastery is paved with practice. Take full advantage of the assignments and activities that your teachers have given you. Every brushstroke, line curve, and palette color represents a step closer to mastery.

3. Seek the Wisdom of Others:

  • The rich soil of feedback is where art grows. Share your work with the community without holding back. Their perceptive observations and insightful criticism can highlight details you might have overlooked, fostering your creative development.

4. Wander Through Different Mediums:

  • The art world is a kaleidoscope of mediums, each with its magic. Wander through this landscape and dabble in paint, pencils, pixels, and more. You might discover a medium that resonates deeply with your creative soul.

5. Embrace Patience as Your Muse:

  • Art is not a race; it’s a serene journey. Be patient with yourself as you navigate the meandering river of learning. Your artistic development is evident in every brushstroke, eraser, and reflective moment.

As you approach the beginning of this creative journey, keep in mind that art is a journey that lasts a lifetime rather than a destination. The fundamentals are your faithful companions on this voyage, illuminating the path toward creative mastery. May your canvas be ever-vibrant and your artistic spirit boundless.


How Much Money Can You Earn as a Skillshare Teacher?

For prospective educators contemplating the prospect of sharing their wisdom on Skillshare, the question of potential earnings often takes center stage. In this regard, a few key points deserve illumination:

1. Revenue Model:

The avenues of income on Skillshare primarily wind through two pathways. The first is royalties, a river that flows based on the number of minutes learners spend engrossed in your classes. The second is referrals, where instructors receive compensation for introducing new subscribers to the Skillshare realm.

2. Earning Potential:

Earnings within the Skillshare realm are as diverse as the colors on an artist’s palette. They can vary significantly depending on things like how engaged students are with your course, how well-liked it is, and how aggressively you promote your learning materials.

3. Building a following:

The path to prosperity often weaves through a forest of followers. Successful Skillshare instructors tend to have a loyal following, not only within the Skillshare community but also across the branches of other social media platforms. This loyal cohort plays a pivotal role in drawing and retaining students.

4. Consistent Content Creation:

The journey to flourishing on Skillshare often involves the art of consistency. Regularly sowing the seeds of knowledge by creating and updating courses can nurture more views and, in turn, yield a bountiful harvest of earnings over time.

It is important to stress that teaching on Skillshare is a mosaic of knowledge-sharing and community involvement rather than a purely commercial endeavor. However, the benefits, both monetary and intellectual, can be gratifying for those who have a strong desire to share knowledge and are prepared to put in the effort to create high-quality content.

Summing Up: What is Skillshare? Is it worth it?

In conclusion, those who want to hone their creative and entrepreneurial skills will find Skillshare to be an especially unique online learning resource. With its extensive course selection, project-based methodology, and community-driven learning environment, it offers a unique and engaging educational experience. Even though there may not be any official certification, the insights and useful skills acquired are priceless.

With its subscription model, the platform is affordable, although the caliber of the courses varies. With its vast resources for painting, drawing, and other artistic endeavors, Skillshare is a veritable gold mine for budding artists. It is a great option for independent learners who are keen to develop new abilities or explore old ones.

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