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Udemy stands as a distinguished platform in the domain of online education, Udemy FREE courses with Certificate Download offering a diverse range of courses that cater to an array of learning needs. With its extensive catalog covering subjects from technological skills to business acumen and creative arts, Udemy bridges the gap between expert instructors and a global learner base. 

This guide is crafted to provide a thorough understanding of Udemy, addressing frequently asked questions and shedding light on its course content, instructor expertise, and overall educational value. It serves as a resource for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills through this versatile learning platform.

What is Udemy?

The platform is not only used by individual learners but is also trusted by large corporations for employee training. Its credibility is bolstered by positive reviews and accolades from well-known publications and its adoption by top global companies. 

Udemy’s flexible learning model, where learners can study at their own pace and according to their schedules, makes it a preferred choice for many. Additionally, with a mix of free and paid courses, it provides learning opportunities for a wide range of budgets, further enhancing its accessibility and appeal​​​​.

Is Udemy legit?

Udemy stands as a reputable and legitimate online learning platform, boasting a wide-ranging selection of courses spanning diverse categories, including technology, business, personal development, arts, and more. 

It caters to both personal and professional growth needs, making it a favoured choice for individuals aiming to augment their skills and knowledge. With courses crafted by industry experts and educators, Udemy offers high-quality and current content, ensuring a valuable learning experience.

How Much Does Udemy Cost?

Udemy, known for its wide array of online courses, caters to a diverse learning community with varying budgets. The platform’s courses range in price from as low as $10 to up to $200, making quality education accessible to many. 

Regular promotions and discounts further enhance this accessibility, allowing learners to enrol in courses at reduced prices. For those seeking a more structured learning journey, Udemy’s Personal and Pro subscription plans, starting at approximately $16.58 per month, offer unlimited access to a vast selection of over 10,500 courses. 

This subscription model not only makes learning affordable but also provides learners with a plethora of choices to suit their individual needs. In addition to paid options, Udemy prides itself on offering a range of free courses. 

These courses, while not including all the features of their paid counterparts, such as certification upon completion, provide an excellent opportunity for learners to explore new knowledge areas without financial commitments. This approach democratises learning, ensuring that education is accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

What are the most popular courses on Udemy?

Certainly! Here’s a more detailed look at some of the most popular courses on Udemy:


  • “100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp” is an exhaustive course meticulously designed to impart extensive knowledge in Python programming. It is structured to cover a wide array of Python topics over a period of 100 days.
  • “Complete Python Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero in Python” offers a thorough educational journey through Python, commencing with fundamental principles and advancing to complex subjects.

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence:

  • “Artificial Intelligence A-Z” is a detailed course providing profound insights into artificial intelligence, encompassing machine learning, data science, and theoretical aspects of AI.
  • “Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science” is focused on imparting essential machine learning techniques, utilizing the Python and R programming languages.

Information Technology and Software:

  • “Excel from Beginners to Advanced” is tailored for individuals aiming to achieve mastery in Microsoft Excel, spanning from elementary functions to sophisticated data analysis methodologies.

Business and Marketing:

  • “The Complete Digital Marketing Course” covers SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing comprehensively.
  • “An Entire MBA in 1 Course: Award Winning Business School Prof” aims to deliver pivotal insights and knowledge akin to an MBA program, covering a broad spectrum of business-related topics.

Art and Design:

  • “Graphic Design Masterclass” focuses on the foundational principles of graphic design, encompassing both technical software skills and design theory. It is suitable for both beginners and intermediate learners.

Web Development:

  • “The Web Developer Bootcamp” is an expansive program designed to impart comprehensive web development skills, covering essential topics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node.js.
  • On the other hand, the “Ultimate Web Designer & Web Developer Course” is tailored for those with aspirations of excelling in both web design and development. It serves as a comprehensive resource for creating and designing websites and web applications.

How Reliable are Udemy’s Course Reviews?

The reliability of Udemy’s course reviews is often a topic of interest for prospective students. Reviews and ratings on Udemy are provided by past students, offering insights into their experiences. 

While there’s a mix of opinions, the presence of authentic student feedback provides a valuable resource for gauging course quality. Prospective learners are encouraged to read these reviews, along with instructor bios and course content previews, to make informed decisions.

How to get Udemy paid courses for free? 

Expanding on the legitimate ways to access Udemy’s paid courses for free or at a reduced cost:

Free Course Coupons:

  • Instructors often release free coupons for promotional purposes. These can be found on educational deal websites, forums, and social media groups dedicated to sharing online course coupons.
  • Regularly check these platforms or follow instructors on social media to stay updated on when these coupons are available.

Seasonal and Promotional Sales:

  • Udemy frequently hosts sales, especially during holidays, back-to-school periods, or events like Black Friday. During these sales, courses can be available at significant discounts.
  • Sign up for Udemy’s newsletter or follow them on social media to get notifications about upcoming sales.

Udemy Free Resource Center:

  • Visit the Udemy website’s free resource center where a selection of courses is offered for free. These courses vary in topics and can be a great way to learn without any cost.

Udemy for Business:

  • If your employer has a subscription to Udemy for Business, you can access thousands of courses as part of this corporate learning platform. Check with your HR department or training coordinator.

Educational Partnerships and Scholarships:

  • Some educational institutions or non-profit organizations partner with Udemy to offer courses for free or at discounted rates to their members or students.
  • Look for scholarships or grants that cover online learning platforms like Udemy.

Join Udemy’s Affiliate Program:

  • By joining Udemy’s affiliate program, you might gain access to free course coupons that you can use for personal development while promoting courses.
  • Always remember to respect the intellectual property rights of the course creators and adhere to the ethical guidelines when accessing these courses.

Advantages and disadvantages of free Udemy courses:


  • Cost-Effective Learning: Free courses provide an opportunity to learn new skills or topics without any financial investment.
  • Access to Expert Knowledge: Many free courses are created by knowledgeable instructors, offering quality content.
  • Flexibility: Like paid courses, free courses offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace and schedule.
  • Exploration: They allow users to explore different fields or topics without the commitment of a paid course.


  • Limited Features: Free courses often don’t offer additional features like certificates of completion, instructor Q&A, or graded assignments.
  • Less Comprehensive Content: They may not cover a topic as comprehensively as paid courses.
  • Limited Access to Resources: Some free courses might not provide access to the same level of resources or materials as their paid counterparts.

Who are the best instructors on Udemy?

Certainly, here’s more detail about some of these notable Udemy instructors:

1. Andrei Neagoie – Known for his expertise in web development and programming, offering comprehensive courses in these areas.

2. David Bombal – Specializes in IT and networking courses, particularly in areas like Cisco and AWS.

3. Kirill Eremenko – Focuses on data science and machine learning, providing courses that blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

4. Maximilian Schwarzmüller – A web development instructor known for his in-depth tutorials on JavaScript, React, and Angular.

5. Dr. Angela Yu – Offers courses in web development and programming with a focus on building real-world projects.

6. Ermin Kreponic – Provides courses in IT, particularly in Linux and networking.

7. Ben Tristem – Specializes in game development courses, teaching both coding and design aspects.

8. Laurence Svekis – Offers a variety of courses in web development, programming, and Google applications.

9. Colt Steele – Known for his Web Developer Bootcamp course, which is popular among beginners in web development.

10. Ryan Kroonenburg – Offers courses in AWS certification, highly regarded in the cloud computing field.

Where can I contact Udemy support?

You can contact Udemy support through several channels:

  • For direct support, email support@udemy.com. Please include all necessary information about your issue or query for a prompt solution.
  • Phone Number: Udemy also offers phone support. You can reach them at 415-813-1710.
  • Social Media: Additionally, Udemy provides support through its social media pages, where you can reach out for assistance.
  • Contact Page: For more general inquiries or support needs, you can use the contact form available on Udemy’s website​​​​.

Is Udemy Worth It?

Assessing the worth of Udemy depends on individual learning goals and preferences. With its vast array of courses, ranging from free to premium, and the flexibility it offers, many find Udemy to be a valuable investment in their education. The platform’s 30-day money-back policy further assures users of its commitment to satisfaction and quality.

This continuation covers the reliability of Udemy’s course reviews and the overall worth of the platform, maintaining the formal tone and SEO-friendly structure.

FAQs: Udemy FREE courses with Certificate download

Que. Can businesses use Udemy for employee training?

Ans. Yes, Udemy for Business offers a subscription service with access to a vast library of courses for employee training and development.

Que. Do free Udemy courses come with a certificate?

Ans. Generally, free Udemy courses do not provide a certificate of completion.

Que. What distinguishes Udemy’s free courses from its paid ones?

Ans. Paid courses on Udemy often include more comprehensive content, additional resources, and access to certificates upon completion, which may not be available with free courses.

Que. How can organizations benefit from Udemy’s courses?

Ans. Organizations can leverage Udemy for corporate training and skill development, as it offers a wide range of courses suitable for professional growth.

Que. What are the system requirements for accessing Udemy courses?

Ans. Udemy courses can be accessed on most modern web browsers and devices. However, it is recommended to have a stable internet connection for seamless learning.

Que. Can students interact with instructors on Udemy?

Ans. Interaction capabilities depend on the course and instructor, but many courses offer Q&A sections or direct messaging options for student-instructor interaction.

Que. How frequently are courses on Udemy updated?

Ans. Course updates depend on individual instructors. Some courses are regularly updated to reflect the latest information and trends in the field.

Conclusion: Udemy FREE courses with Certificate download

In conclusion, free Udemy courses offer a valuable resource for those seeking accessible and flexible learning opportunities. They enable learners to explore a wide range of topics without financial commitment, making education more inclusive. However, these courses may lack the depth, comprehensive content, and additional features like certification, which are often available in paid courses. For those looking to delve deeper into a subject or seeking formal accreditation, paid courses might be more suitable. Ultimately, free Udemy courses serve as an excellent starting point for personal and professional development for learners worldwide.

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