Natural Cycles Review: How it Works, Cost, and FAQs

Natural Cycles Review, a pioneering digital birth control innovation, has ushered in a transformative era in contraception. This hormone-free, app-driven solution harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology, employing a sophisticated algorithm to dissect the subtle shifts in basal body temperature, effectively demarcating the fertile and infertile phases within a woman’s menstrual odyssey. 

Endorsed by the FDA and bearing the imprimatur of certification, this app resonates profoundly with individuals seeking a natural alternative to the conventional pantheon of contraceptives. It imparts a sense of empowerment by furnishing valuable insights into reproductive health. 

However, it beckons the user to embark upon a journey of discipline, demanding unwavering commitment in the sacred ritual of daily temperature tracking. It is imperative to note that Natural Cycles does not extend its protective mantle to shield against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

What is Natural Cycles?

Natural Cycles emerges as a revolutionary entrant in the realm of birth control, captivating the imagination of many with its innovative and distinct approach to contraception. In stark contrast to the conventional methods that often involve the administration of hormones or the deployment of physical barriers, Natural Cycles harnesses the transformative potential of technology and a profound comprehension of the intricate female reproductive symphony.

At its core, this digital marvel comprises an application, infused with a cutting-edge algorithm, which conducts a symphony of analysis on basal body temperature to delineate the ebb and flow of fertility within a woman’s cyclical odyssey.

Conceived and crafted by a cadre of eminent scientists, Natural Cycles earned the distinction of being the pioneering app of its kind to secure certification as a contraceptive in Europe, subsequently achieving the coveted FDA clearance in the United States. Its interface, user-friendly and welcoming, serves as the conduit through which women impart their daily temperature readings, a mosaic of data that becomes the grist for the mill of the app’s astute algorithm.

This digital artisan deftly calculates and forecasts ovulation, casting the oracle’s verdict on days that demand the embrace of contraception or the tranquil respite of non-interference. This method finds its fervent adherents among those in quest of an untethered alternative to the conventional tapestry of birth control, bestowing upon them a newfound realm of autonomy and an intimate comprehension of the enigmatic workings of their own bodies.

Nonetheless, akin to any contraceptive modality, Natural Cycles harbors its intrinsic constraints and may not befit every seeker of contraception. It exacts a toll of discipline and unswerving diligence in the hallowed rite of daily temperature recording, an endeavor whose efficacy may be buffeted by the capricious winds of affliction or the disarray sown by erratic sleep patterns.

As such, prospective users are impelled to gaze deeply into the looking glass of self-assessment, weighing the advantages of autonomy and hormone-free existence against the demands of consistency and precision that Natural Cycles so resolutely insists upon.

Pros and Cons of Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles, as a modern approach to contraception, presents a nuanced landscape of advantages and drawbacks:


  • Hormone-Free: A paramount virtue of Natural Cycles is its hormone-free nature. It stands as a non-invasive sanctuary for women who are sensitive to hormonal methods or opt to eschew them for personal or health reasons.
  • Empowers Users: The app becomes a beacon of enlightenment, endowing women with profound insights into the intricate labyrinth of their menstrual cycle and reproductive health. This empowerment through knowledge is a boon for those who aspire to navigate the path of family planning or contraception naturally.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Natural Cycles unfurls as an eco-conscious solution, eschewing the trappings of physical contraceptives and their accompanying environmental footprint. It is a digital sentinel, free from the waste and production-related environmental costs.
  • FDA Approved and Certified: In the annals of credibility, Natural Cycles bears the imprimatur of the FDA, having traversed rigorous trials and emerged unscathed. Its certification in Europe further underscores its efficacy as a form of contraception.


  • Requires Daily Commitment: The sanctuary of Natural Cycles demands a daily pledge of commitment. Users must, without fail, record their temperature at the same hour each morning and faithfully enter this data into the app. Such a regimented routine can prove arduous for some.
  • Less Effective with Irregular Routines: For those ensnared in the throes of irregular sleep patterns or plagued by frequent bouts of illness, the precision of the app’s calculations may wane. In such circumstances, the effectiveness of Natural Cycles as a contraceptive method can diminish, introducing an element of uncertainty into the equation.

How does Natural Cycles work?

Natural Cycles operates at the vanguard of fertility awareness, a methodology that hinges on the meticulous tracking of one or more telltale signs of fertility, bestowing upon women the wisdom to discern the zenith of their reproductive potential within the intricate cadence of their menstrual cycles. At its fulcrum lies a sophisticated algorithm, the beating heart of Natural Cycles, entrusted with the solemn task of parsing the subtle symphony of basal body temperature (BBT) fluctuations to unveil the elusive specter of ovulation and, by extension, the coveted epochs of fertility and infertility.

The orchestration commences each day as the user embarks upon the ritual of capturing her body’s morning temperature using the precision-engineered basal thermometer, a far cry from its pedestrian counterpart. 

This digital reading, a paragon of sensitivity, finds its way into the hallowed digital halls of the Natural Cycles app, a repository for the tapestry of these daily thermal insights. It is within these data points that the algorithm discerns the telltale surge in body temperature, a mere fraction of a degree but pivotal, manifesting post-ovulation, typically ranging from 0.2 to 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit. 

By meticulously charting these temperature oscillations over time, the app dons the mantle of an oracle, bestowing its users with prophecies of fertile windows, its predictions attaining a commendable echelon of precision.

In addition to this fundamental temperature data, the app welcomes the users to introduce additional facets of their menstrual tapestry, such as the duration of their cycles and any results yielded by ovulation tests. This supplementary input augments the app’s capacity for accuracy. 

A daily epistle, akin to a modern-day oracle’s decree, graces the screen, casting its chromatic pronouncement: a green day, emblematic of a sanctuary of low pregnancy risk, or a crimson day, harbinger of heightened peril, a clarion call for the invocation of protective measures or the embrace of abstinence, a potent incantation for those who tread the path of fertility avoidance.

Yet, like a demanding maestro, Natural Cycles’ symphony requires unwavering devotion and discipline in the hallowed ritual of temperature recording, each daily note a vital component in the composition. 

It is a dance in which external influences, such as maladies, libations, and disturbances of slumber, may intrude upon the delicate thermal cadence, wielding the potential to sway the app’s predictions. Thus, the user is beckoned to the altar of consistency and vigilance, for the symphony’s harmony hinges upon the precision of every note, a melody of fertility awareness.

How much does Natural Cycles cost?

The financial outlay associated with Natural Cycles is a multifaceted consideration, contingent upon the user’s choice of subscription plan. In essence, there exist two primary avenues to embark upon: the monthly subscription and the annual subscription, the latter often sweetening the deal with the bestowal of a basal thermometer free of charge. 

The monthly subscription typically traverses the economic spectrum, meandering between the realms of $9 to $12 per lunar cycle, while the annual commitment may demand an investment ranging from approximately $80 to $100, potentially yielding savings when juxtaposed with the monthly alternative.

However, the calculus of Natural Cycles‘ cost delves beyond the mere subscription fee. The app’s efficacy pivots squarely on the accuracy of temperature measurements, necessitating the procurement of a high-quality basal thermometer. While the annual subscription often incorporates this instrument into its package, those opting for the monthly plan or necessitating a replacement must reckon with this supplemental expenditure.

Furthermore, prudent users may find it imperative to venture into the realm of supplementary contraception, such as the venerable condom, to fortify their defenses on those tantalizing “red” days when pregnancy avoidance becomes paramount. These multifaceted expenses, interwoven with the subscription fee, culminate to construct the comprehensive tapestry of the cost incurred when enlisting Natural Cycles as the custodian of their reproductive destiny.

When appraised in relation to other contraceptive alternatives, Natural Cycles may initially appear to engender a heftier upfront fiscal commitment, particularly when weighed against the annual subscription and the supplementary costs of contraception. Nevertheless, for users embarked on a quest for a hormone-free and minimally intrusive option, the fiscal outlay may find justification in the manifold advantages it confers concerning health and convenience.

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How effective is Natural Cycles?

The efficacy of Natural Cycles as a contraceptive mechanism emerges as a pivotal facet for prospective users to meticulously assess. Per the insights gleaned from studies and data disseminated by the company, Natural Cycles demonstrates a typical use effectiveness rate hovering at approximately 93%. 

In practical terms, this implies that out of 100 women who deploy the app as their contraceptive safeguard for one year, a contingent of 7 may find themselves facing the prospect of pregnancy owing to usage inaccuracies, such as neglecting protection on days designated as “red” or imprecise temperature measurements. 

This effectiveness quotient situates Natural Cycles within the same orbit as other contraceptive methodologies, including condoms and diaphragms, albeit slightly trailing behind the lofty heights achieved by hormonal juggernauts like the birth control pill, which, when executed with flawless precision, can surpass the 99% effectiveness threshold.

Crucial to the comprehension of Natural Cycles’ effectiveness ratings is the dichotomy between “perfect use” and “typical use” effectiveness rates. “Perfect use” signifies the scrupulous execution of the method in accordance with its prescribed guidelines, unerringly and consistently. 

Conversely, “typical use” considers the inevitable influence of human foibles and the ebbs and flows of life’s capricious currents. Given that the efficacy of Natural Cycles pivots on the user’s adeptness at recording their daily temperature and heeding the app’s sage advice, it is paramount to acknowledge the pivotal role played by user commitment and lifestyle.

Numerous variables may impact the effectiveness of Natural Cycles, such as irregular sleep patterns, inadvertent omissions in temperature tracking, bouts of illness, or any other vicissitudes capable of affecting basal body temperature. Consequently, Natural Cycles finds its zenith of suitability among individuals who adhere to regimented routines and wield an unwavering commitment to the app’s guidelines.

Is Natural Cycles any good?

The assessment of whether Natural Cycles merits consideration as a viable contraceptive solution resides in the intricate interplay of individual exigencies, lifestyles, and predilections. In its capacity as an FDA-endorsed, hormone-averse, digital contraceptive paradigm, Natural Cycles undeniably stands as a commendable option for those questing for an alternative to the conventional realms of hormonal or barrier-based birth control. 

The bedrock of its methodology, predicated upon the scrutiny of basal body temperature as a harbinger of fertility, finds its mooring in the hallowed halls of established scientific precepts. Its efficacy, when meticulously adhered to, aligns with the standards set by other commonplace contraceptive modalities.

For those women seeking the solace of a natural contraceptive method or those who find themselves averse to hormonal interventions, Natural Cycles unfurls as a conspicuous beacon. It endows users with the gift of self-awareness, an intimate understanding of the nuances of their menstrual ballet, fostering a profound connection with their corporeal vessels. The app’s user-friendly interface, coupled with the convenience of carrying one’s birth control solution within the confines of a smartphone, adds an extra layer of allure.

Nonetheless, it is imperative to recognize that the app beckons to those who can muster the unwavering commitment and self-discipline demanded by its rigorous regimen. The daily ritual of temperature documentation and the steadfast adherence to the app’s counsel on days of fertility conspire to mandate an unfaltering routine. 

Furthermore, it is important to underscore that Natural Cycles extends no protection against the specter of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), a paramount consideration for those engaged in sexual endeavors.

The utility of Natural Cycles as a contraceptive alternative is contingent upon the unique mosaic of individual circumstances and inclinations. It shines as a beacon of promise for those seeking a hormone-free refuge, prepared to embrace the app’s daily ritual. However, for those in pursuit of a more uncomplicated, hands-off approach, or for those whose purview extends to the imperative realm of STI protection, alternative methods may beckon more seductively.

How long does it take Natural Cycles to work?

The onset of Natural Cycles’ effectiveness as a contraceptive method is subject to the intricate nuances of a user’s menstrual cycle and the timing of their initiation of the app. In general, for individuals blessed with regular menstrual cycles, the app may begin effectively discerning the terrain of fertile and infertile days within the inaugural cycle of use. However, it merits emphasis that for those grappling with irregular cycles or those who have recently severed ties with hormonal birth control, a more protracted period might be requisite for the app to render accurate predictions of fertility.

In the embryonic stages of adopting Natural Cycles, the app might paint a larger swath of days in a crimson hue, symbolizing fertility, as it diligently collects and assimilates data to decipher the user’s idiosyncratic cycle rhythms. With each successive cycle and the input of additional data, the algorithm evolves into a more astute oracle, potentially dwindling the crimson expanse while expanding the verdant oasis of non-fertility.

For optimal protection against unwanted conception, it is prudent to deploy an alternative contraceptive measure, such as condoms, during the inaugural month of embracing Natural Cycles or until the app signals its confidence in its ability to reliably demarcate fertile days. During this nascent phase, adhering closely to the app’s daily counsel is imperative to ensure the efficacy of contraception.

FAQ : Natural Cycles Review

Que: Is Natural Cycles Safe?

Ans: Yes, it’s safe and non-invasive but doesn’t protect against STIs.

Que: Can It Help with Family Planning?

Ans: Yes, it can assist in identifying the fertile window for conception.

Que: Who is It Suitable For?

Ans: Best for those with regular routines and willing to record daily temperatures.

Que: How Does It Protect Data?

Ans: Through encryption and stringent data security measures.

Que: Usage Post-Pregnancy?

Ans: Yes, but accuracy may be initially affected due to cycle irregularities.

Que: Impact of Missing a Temperature Reading?

Ans: Occasional misses are manageable, but frequent omissions reduce accuracy.

Que: Do Lifestyle Factors Affect Its Effectiveness?

Ans: Yes, factors like sleep patterns and illness can impact temperature readings and app accuracy.

Summary : Natural Cycles Review

Natural Cycles embodies a profound paradigm shift within the realm of contraceptive choices, heralding a technology-infused, hormone-averse alternative. It carves a distinctive niche by harnessing the prowess of an intelligent algorithm, dissecting the minutiae of basal body temperature fluctuations to delineate the ebbs and flows of fertility within a woman’s intricate menstrual tapestry. This groundbreaking approach entices those who yearn for a contraception method that adheres to nature’s rhythms, or for those for whom the chemical embrace of hormonal interventions proves unwelcome.

In recapitulation, the efficacy of Natural Cycles, while perhaps slightly trailing behind some hormonal counterparts, remains on par with the efficacy of other conventional contraceptive methodologies when employed with precision. Its crowning virtues lie in its hormone-free essence, the profound sense of empowerment it imparts by arming users with intimate knowledge of their own fertility, and its environmentally benevolent footprint.

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