Malaysia Airlines Review – A Highly Underrated Airline!

Malaysia Airlines has set itself apart in the commercial aviation sector by prioritizing the safety and comfort of its passengers. This analysis seeks to offer a careful look at all the different facets that go into the airline’s well-known reputation.

At the forefront of Malaysia Airlines‘ offerings is its fleet, characterized by modernity and adherence to the highest safety standards , as highlighted in Malaysia Airlines Reviews.

The aircraft is equipped with advanced technological features, ensuring a seamless and secure flying experience for all passengers. Comfort is a priority, as evidenced by the spacious seating arrangements and a diverse range of in-flight entertainment options.

The airline’s staff is a testament to its dedication to exemplary service. Each member, from the cabin crew to the pilots, demonstrates professionalism and a welcoming demeanor, creating a hospitable environment for travelers. This level of service excellence is consistent across all routes, whether on long-haul international mas flights or shorter domestic sectors.

Malaysia Airlines flights‘ extensive network of destinations is another significant advantage. It offers convenient connectivity to major global cities, catering to the needs of both business and leisure travelers. Furthermore, the airline’s loyalty program, Enrich, rewards frequent flyers, enhancing the attractiveness of fly Malaysia Airlines as a preferred carrier.

1. Malaysia Airlines Booking Process: A Point-by-Point Guide

Accessing the Website or App:

Entering Travel Details:

  • Fill in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields with your departure and arrival destinations.
  • Select your departure and return dates from the calendar.
  • Choose the number of passengers and select the travel class (Economy, Business, etc.).

Selecting Your Flight:

  • Review the list of available mas flights matching your criteria.
  • Compare flight times, durations, and prices.
  • Select a flight that aligns with your preferences and budget.

Reviewing Flight and Adding Extras:

  • Confirm your mas flight details, including layovers and total travel time.
  • Opt to add extras like extra legroom seats, additional baggage, or special dietary meals.
  • Review the total cost after adding extras.

Filling in Passenger Information:

  • Enter the full names of all passengers as they appear on passports.
  • If you’re an Enrich member, enter your membership number to accrue points.

Payment Process:

  • Select a payment method (credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc.).
  • Fill in payment details and review the total charge.
  • Ensure all billing information is accurate before proceeding.

Receiving Confirmation and E-Ticket:

  • Look out for a confirmation email from Malaysia Airlines flights.
  • Check the e-ticket attached to the email for accuracy.
  • Print or save the e-ticket for future reference.

Online Check-In:

  • Check-in online through the website or app starting 48 hours before departure.
  • Be aware of the check-in closure time, typically 90 minutes before the flight.

Managing Your Booking:

  • Visit the ‘Manage My Booking’ section for any post-booking changes.
  • Upgrade your seats, change travel dates, or add services if needed.

Staying Informed:

  • Regularly check the email you provided during booking for updates.
  • Look for notifications on flight changes, cancellations, or important travel advisories.

Understanding Fare Rules:

  • Understand any restrictions and fees associated with your ticket.

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2: Preparing for Your Flight


Check-in Options:

  • Online Check-in: Enables seat selection and printing boarding passes at home.
  • Mobile App Check-in: Convenient check-in and access to digital boarding passes through the Malaysia Airlines app.
  • Airport Check-in: Traditional check-in counters for those who prefer face-to-face assistance or have special travel requirements.

Baggage Policy:

  • Checked Baggage: Guidelines for weight and dimensions, along with information for excess baggage fees.
  • Carry-On Restrictions: Specifics on size and weight limits for hand luggage and additional items like laptops or handbags.
  • Prohibited Items: List of items not allowed in checked or carry-on baggage for safety reasons.

Special Considerations:

  • Travel Documentation: Ensuring all necessary visas and travel documents are in order for international travel.
  • Health and Vaccinations: Recommendations or requirements for vaccinations and health precautions based on destination.
  • Travel Insurance: The importance and benefits of obtaining travel insurance for unforeseen circumstances.

3: Onboard Experience

Cabin Classes:

  • Seat Comfort: Detailed comparison of seat dimensions and features in different classes.
  • Privacy Features: Availability of privacy screens or pods in higher classes.
  • Family-Friendly Seating: Options for families traveling with children to sit together.

In-Flight Comfort:

  • Special Meals: How to pre-order special dietary meals.
  • Connectivity: Availability of Wi-Fi and in-flight communication services.
  • Temperature Control: Tips for staying comfortable with adjustable air vents and cabin temperature.

Travel Tips:

  • Hydration and Health: Tips on staying hydrated and minimizing jet lag.
  • In-flight Exercise: Recommendations for simple exercises to reduce the risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).
  • Entertainment for Kids: Overview of child-friendly entertainment options and activities.

4: Navigating Connections and Layovers

Smooth Transfers:

  • Guidance for First-Timers: Tips for passengers experiencing their first layover or transfer at a major hub.
  • Airport Services: Information on luggage storage, showers, and relaxation areas during long layovers.

Layover Strategies:

  • Tour Options: Information on short city tours or sightseeing options during longer layovers.
  • Airport Facilities: Overview of lounges, shopping areas, dining options, and relaxation zones.

5: Enrich Loyalty Program

Maximizing Benefits:

  • Tier Benefits: Detailed breakdown of the different tiers within the Enrich program and the specific benefits of each.
  • Family Accounts: Options for pooling miles among family members.


  • Co-Branded Credit Cards: Information on credit cards that earn Enrich miles on everyday purchases.
  • Shopping and Dining Partners: How to earn miles through everyday shopping and dining.

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6: Traveling During COVID-19

Updated Protocols:

  • Boarding Procedures: Changes to boarding procedures to reduce contact and maintain social distancing.
  • In-flight Service Adjustments: Modifications to in-flight services like meals and amenities to ensure hygiene and minimize contact.

Flight Operations:

  • Refund and Rescheduling Policies: Detailed information on the airline’s flexible booking policies in response to the pandemic.
  • Customer Support: Availability of customer support for travel-related inquiries and assistance during the pandemic.

Why Did We Choose Malaysia Airlines?


Our choice to fly with Malaysia Airlines was influenced by several factors. Key among them was their reputation for excellent customer service and comfort. Their modern fleet, comprehensive network connecting major global destinations, and the attractive benefits of their Enrich loyalty program also played a significant role in our decision. Additionally, their competitive pricing and positive customer reviews further cemented our choice.

Review of Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines has earned a reputation for providing high-quality air travel experiences. Their fleet combines modern amenities with comfort, making long-haul flights as pleasant as possible. The airline excels in customer service, with a friendly and attentive crew that ensures a welcoming atmosphere for passengers. Their global network makes it a convenient choice for both business and leisure travel, and the benefits offered by their Enrich program add value to frequent flyers.

Booking Process

Booking a flight with Malaysia Airlines flights is a straightforward and user-friendly experience. Their online platform is intuitive, allowing easy navigation and selection of flights. The airline offers transparent pricing and various options to customise the travel experience, including seat selection and meal preferences. Additionally, their customer service is readily available to assist with any queries or issues during the booking process.

Baggage Allowance

malaysia airlines malaysia airlines flights mas flight

Malaysia Airlines’ baggage allowance policies are generous and align with international standards. They offer a reasonable amount of free checked baggage, varying according to flight class and destination. The airline also provides clear guidelines on carry-on luggage and special items, ensuring passengers can plan their packing accordingly. For those needing extra baggage, the airline offers the option to purchase additional allowance at reasonable rates.

International travel

Cabin/Fare BrandTotal Combined Weight
Business Suite50 kg (110 lbs)
Business Class40 kg (88 lbs)
Economy Flex35 kg (77 lbs)
Economy Smart30 kg (66 lbs)
Economy Basic25 kg (55 lbs)
Economy Promo20 kg (44 lbs)

Domestic (Within Malaysia)

Cabin/Fare BrandTotal Combined Weight
Business Class40 kg (88 lbs)
Economy Flex25 kg (55 lbs)
Economy Basic20 kg (44 lbs)
Economy LiteNo checked baggage

Hand Baggage

Class of TravelNo. of Pieces AllowedMaximum Weight
Economy ClassOne piece7 kg (15 lb)
Business ClassTwo pieces14 kg (31 lb) – in total
Business SuiteTwo pieces14 kg (31 lb) – in total

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Is It Safe To Travel By Malaysia Airlines?

Traveling with Malaysia Airlines is considered safe. Like all major airlines, they adhere to stringent international safety standards. Their fleet is modern and well-maintained, and they have made significant efforts to enhance their safety protocols, especially following past incidents. Regular training for crew and continuous updates to their safety measures contribute to a secure flying environment.

FAQs: Malaysia Airlines Review

Que. Can I change my flight date after booking with Malaysia Airlines?

Ans. Yes, Malaysia Airlines allows date changes, but they may be subject to fare differences and applicable fees.

Que. How early can I check-in for my Malaysia Airlines flight?

Ans. Online check-in is available from 48 hours up to 90 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

Que. What is the baggage allowance for Malaysia Airlines flights?

Ans. Baggage allowance varies depending on your travel class and destination. Generally, Economy Class passengers are allowed up to 30kg of checked baggage.

Que. Are special meals available on Malaysia Airlines flights?

Ans. Yes, special meals based on dietary or religious requirements can be requested at least 24 hours before your flight.

Que. Can I earn miles if I am not a member of the Enrich program?

Ans. You need to be a member of the Enrich program to earn and redeem miles. Membership is free and can be easily obtained through the Malaysia Airlines website.

Que. What measures has Malaysia Airlines taken in response to COVID-19?

Ans. Malaysia Airlines has implemented enhanced cleaning protocols, mandatory face masks, and health screenings. They have also adjusted in-flight services to minimize contact.

Conclusion: Malaysia Airlines Review

Malaysia Airlines travel offers an experience that seamlessly combines elegance, comfort, and painstaking attention to detail. The airline is dedicated to making your trip a fun and unforgettable part of your travel narrative, rather than just getting you to your destination. From the ease of booking to the warmth of in-flight service, the comprehensive offerings cater to a diverse range of needs, ensuring that each passenger’s experience is tailored and satisfactory.

Whether embarking on a business trip or a leisurely vacation, choosing Malaysia Airlines means opting for a travel experience marked by reliability, safety, and exceptional customer care.

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