Is Legit? (BEWARE Before BOOKING)

Is legit? Navigating online hotel bookings safely is crucial, especially on popular platforms like While it offers a vast selection and convenience, understanding how to book securely enhances your travel experience. 

This guide provides seven essential tips for safe bookings on From scrutinizing accommodation details and reviews to understanding cancellation policies and ensuring secure payments, these strategies aim to optimize your booking process. 

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip, these tips will help you leverage’s features effectively, ensuring a secure, rewarding, and hassle-free travel planning experience.

What is stands as a titan in the online booking platform realm. It offers a one-stop shop for booking hotels, B&Bs, condos, and vacation rentals, boasting an expansive global reach. 

Beyond just booking services, is known for its intuitive user experience and a rewards program that adds value for frequent travelers. Its versatility and broad accommodation range make it an attractive platform for a diverse range of users.

Is legit? (BEWARE Before BOOKING) 

Is Legit? Yes, is a legitimate and widely recognized online booking platform for accommodations. It has been operating for several decades and has earned a reputable standing in the travel industry.

However, as with any online booking platform, travelers should exercise caution and conduct due diligence when using the service. While itself is legitimate, there have been instances of fraudulent activity by third-party entities posing as property owners. To ensure a safe booking experience, it’s essential to:

Verify the property: Double-check the facts about the hotel, including its location, amenities, and reviews, to ensure they match your expectations.

Use secure payment methods: Always make payments through the official website or app, using secure payment options.

Read reviews: Carefully read guest reviews and ratings for the property you intend to book to get insights into the experiences of previous guests.


Should you book directly or through

The decision to book directly with a hotel or through a service like is influenced by a variety of factors. Booking directly often allows direct communication with the hotel, potentially leading to better room assignments or the direct handling of special requests. 

Hotels may offer loyalty points or perks exclusive to their direct customers. However, direct booking doesn’t always guarantee the best price and might lack flexibility in comparison to third-party sites.

On the other hand, offers a broader range of options, comparing prices across numerous hotels and providing a one-stop platform for various accommodation types. Their user-friendly interface, customer reviews, and comprehensive search filters aid in making informed decisions. 

Additionally,’s price match guarantee and loyalty program (offering a free night for every ten nights booked) are attractive incentives. The platform is particularly beneficial for comparing multiple options and finding deals in locations with multiple hotel choices.

Ultimately, the decision hinges on personal preferences, loyalty to specific hotel brands, and the type of benefits one values more, whether it’s direct hotel perks or the variety and potential savings offered by a platform like

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7 Tips To Book Safely on

Booking accommodations through can be a smooth and reliable process when done with care. Here are seven essential tips to ensure a safe and satisfying booking experience:

1. Thoroughly research accommodations:

Start by conducting extensive research on potential accommodations. Utilize the filtering options on Employ the comprehensive filtering options available on to refine your accommodation choices based on your specific preferences. You can narrow down options by factors such as location, price range, available amenities, and star ratings. Take the time to thoroughly review the descriptions and listed amenities for each property to ensure they align with your specific requirements.

2. Read customer reviews and ratings:

Customer reviews are invaluable for getting a sense of the real experience at a hotel. Look for recent reviews to get the most current information. Pay attention to comments about cleanliness, safety, customer service, and the actual condition of the hotel versus the photos provided. Ratings on are generally a reliable indicator of the overall guest experience.

3. Understand Cancellation and Refund Policies:

Before finalizing any booking, it is of paramount importance to gain a comprehensive understanding of the cancellation and refund policies. diligently furnishes this vital information within the terms and conditions associated with each booking. While making your selection, prioritize options that offer flexibility, including the ability to cancel or modify reservations without incurring additional charges. Given the potential for unforeseen alterations in travel plans, opting for such flexible arrangements can prove to be an invaluable safeguard.

4. Ensure Secure Payment Transactions:

When booking through, make sure the payment process is secure. The platform uses encryption and secure servers to protect your financial information. Be wary of any requests to complete a transaction outside the official website or app.

5. Utilize the Price Match Guarantee: extends a valuable price match guarantee, assuring customers of a match for a lower rate found on another website for the same accommodation and dates. Should you come across a more favorable offer after booking, do not hesitate to contact with the pertinent details to avail yourself of this guarantee.

6. Leverage the benefits of the Rewards Program:

Enrollment in the Rewards program offers an opportunity to accrue rewards for your lodging arrangements. With every ten nights booked through the platform, you earn one complimentary night’s stay, redeemable at a diverse range of properties. This program represents an exceptional means of economizing on future reservations.”

7. Be Aware of Non-refundable and Special Deals:

While non-refundable and special deals on can offer significant savings, they often come with strict no-cancellation policies. Only opt for these deals if your travel plans are definite and unlikely to change.


Additional Safety Tips:

  • Verify Hotel Information: Cross-reference hotel information on with the hotel’s official website or other travel platforms. This ensures the accuracy of the details provided.
  • Watch Out for Extra Fees: Be aware of additional fees that might not be included in the initial booking price, such as resort fees or parking charges.
  • Keep Documentation: Always keep a copy of your booking confirmation, receipt, and any correspondence with or the hotel.
  • Contact Customer Support for Assistance: In the event of any issues or disparities, we recommend promptly reaching out to’s customer support team for professional assistance and resolution.
  • Use the Mobile App for Added Convenience: Enhance your booking experience by utilizing the mobile application, which offers added convenience, including exclusive mobile deals and effortless access to your booking details.

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Why Booking Through Is Cheaper Than Booking Directly?

Booking through frequently proves to be a more cost-effective option compared to reserving accommodations directly with hotels, attributable to several compelling reasons. 

Firstly, functions as an aggregator, amassing an extensive array of lodging options. This aggregation empowers to engage in negotiations with hotels on more favorable terms, driven by the substantial volume of potential bookings it channels toward these establishments. 

Consequently, this negotiating power often results in more competitive pricing for consumers. These negotiated rates are often lower than what hotels offer directly to individual customers.

Secondly, frequently provides exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions not available elsewhere. The platform’s price match guarantee also ensures that customers get the best available rate. 

Additionally, the Rewards program incentivizes users by offering a free night after ten nights are booked through the platform, effectively reducing the average cost per night of accommodations.

Lastly, the competitive nature of online booking platforms means that they often lower their margins to offer the most attractive prices to consumers, further driving down the cost of accommodations. While direct bookings might offer specific hotel loyalty benefits, the overall cost savings and additional perks provided by often result in more economical bookings.


FAQs: Is Legit?

Que. How competitive are the rates offered on

Ans. frequently provides competitive pricing and upholds a price match guarantee. Should a lower rate be identified elsewhere for identical room specifications and dates, they may match the price.

Que. Could you elaborate on the workings of the Rewards program?

Ans. The Rewards program accords one complimentary night for every ten nights booked through the platform, redeemable at eligible hotels.

Que. Does ensure secure transactions for hotel bookings?

Ans. employs advanced encryption technologies to safeguard personal and financial data during the booking process, ensuring a secure transaction environment.

Que. How can one ensure the selection of the most suitable hotel on

Ans. Utilize the platform’s filtering tools to refine choices based on personal preferences, diligently read customer reviews, and compare various accommodation options.

Que. Does provide customer assistance for booking-related queries or issues?

Ans. Indeed, offers comprehensive customer support through multiple avenues, including telephone, email, and live chat, operational 24/7.

Que. Are there undisclosed fees associated with bookings on

Ans. is committed to transparency in pricing. However, it is advisable to verify any additional charges such as resort fees or taxes, typically disclosed during the booking procedure.

Conclusion: Is Legit? (BEWARE Before BOOKING)

In conclusion, emerges as a legitimate, convenient, and often more economical option for booking accommodations. With its comprehensive platform, secure booking process, and cost-effective deals, it caters to a wide range of travelers. While direct booking has its merits, offers the advantage of comparing multiple options and enjoying additional benefits like the Rewards program. By following safety tips and leveraging the platform’s features, travelers can make informed decisions, ensuring a satisfactory and value-driven booking experience. Ultimately, stands as a reliable ally in the dynamic world of travel planning.

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