An Honest Skillshare Review: Is Skillshare Worth It?

Skillshare, within the expansive realm of online learning, emerges as a distinctive beacon. Renowned for its unwavering focus on the realm of creative education, it casts its educational net far and wide, encompassing a diverse spectrum of learners. Herein lies the crux of exploration.

The best thing about Skillshare is how much it values a community-driven culture. In contrast to traditional online learning institutions that follow the well-trod path of academics and technical expertise, Skillshare review expands its focus to include the domains of creativity, individual growth, and group collaboration. 

Its expansive library contains a plethora of courses covering topics like graphic design, photography, the poetic tapestry of creative writing, the animated wonder of animation, the brushwork of fine art, the melodic rhythm of music, the subtleties of marketing, the art of increased productivity, and a variety of other fields. 

These classes are gateways into a thriving community—a fellowship of like-minded individuals who share your ardor and enthusiasm—rather than just tools for learning new skills. The skill of discernment, however, becomes crucial in this complex web of offerings. 

This review unfolds its pages to try and distill the essence of what Skillshare has to offer, giving you a broad overview that skirts the edges of expectation. This review will serve as your road map, whether you are an artist looking to hone your craft, a novice exploring the sacred corridors of a new career, or someone standing on the cusp of these domains. 

It shall carve a path through the intricate landscape of Skillshare, illuminating the facets that await your exploration and ultimately assisting you in determining if this voyage aligns with your edifying aspirations and inclinations.

What is Skillshare?

An online learning resource called Skillshare serves instructors and students looking to acquire useful, real-world skills. Its broad curriculum covers design, technology, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and the creative arts. The focus on project-based learning, which encourages active participation over passive lectures, is Skillshare’s unique selling point.

Skillshare operates on a subscription-based basis and provides classes. These courses are divided into manageable video segments to allow for self-directed learning. Instructors enhance the learning experience by introducing class projects and promoting community discussions in addition to the video content.

Notably, Skillshare instructors are often distinguished professionals in their respective domains, encompassing accomplished writers, celebrated artists, and thriving entrepreneurs. This positions Skillshare as a unique platform where learners glean insights and expertise directly from active industry practitioners.


How are Skillshare courses structured?

Skillshare, the harbinger of knowledge and skill, has meticulously woven its courses into a tapestry of practical learning. Each course, or ‘class,’ unfolds like a scroll of enlightenment, comprising a symphony of short videos that vary in tempo, from brisk staccatos to lingering adagios. The composition of a typical course is a melodic arrangement, harmonizing elements like so:

1. Introduction:

A preamble is a gentle prologue to the course’s narrative, where students are introduced to the journey that lies ahead. It offers a tantalizing glimpse of the knowledge trove waiting to be unraveled.

2. Lessons:

The opus unfolds, revealing its core content in a series of video vignettes. Each lesson is a stepping stone, a building block in the construction of knowledge. These videos vary in length, some akin to succinct haikus, others akin to elaborate sonnets.

3. Project:

The crescendo of the course is where theory metamorphoses into practice. Students are invited to embark on a hands-on odyssey, applying the wisdom garnered from lessons. It’s the moment when knowledge takes flight, soaring from abstraction to reality.

4. Community Interaction:

A digital agora where students gather to exchange thoughts, share their creations, and engage in discourse. The bonds forged here are the harmonies that enrich the learning experience. Feedback becomes the chorus, resonating with constructive notes.

5. Resources:

The epilogue, where supplementary materials like scrolls of PDFs or portals to external realms are bestowed by the instructor,. These are the guideposts, leading students to further explorations beyond the course’s horizon.

The heart of Skillshare’s pedagogical symphony beats to the rhythm of project-based learning. It’s a philosophy that doesn’t merely whisper knowledge into the ears of students but invites them to dance with it, to wield it as a brush on the canvas of creation. In this orchestra of learning, notes of various skill levels converge, from novice whispers to virtuoso cadenzas.

Skillshare Pros and Cons:

Skillshare Pros

  • Wide Range of Creative Courses
  • Hands-On Project Learning
  • Self-Paced Video Lessons
  • Expert Instructors
  • Interactive Learning Community
  • Affordable Subscription
  • Frequent Content Updates

Skillshare Cons

  • Few Advanced Courses
  • No Formal Accreditation
  • Inconsistent Course Quality

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How does Skillshare work?

The digital knowledge and skill-building space known as Skillshare serves as a lighthouse for easily accessible education. Its arrangement has a rhythmic harmony:

1. Subscription Model:

Skillshare uses a subscription-based business model. Members pay a subscription fee to become audience members who can access the entire ensemble of courses.

2. Browsing and Enrollment:

Once within the hallowed halls of Skillshare, members traverse a boundless repository of courses spanning diverse disciplines. Like eager spectators choosing their seats, they enroll in courses that pique their curiosity.

3. Video Symphony:

Lessons unfold like a piece of video art. These are a series of brief movements, not lengthy symphonies, that let students choose their speed. Every video is a note in the learning melody.

4. The Practical Encore:

Every course culminates in a practical encore, where students take on the role of conductor and orchestrate their project. It is a recognition of practice meeting knowledge.

5. The Community Concerto:

Learners and instructors participate in a concerto of interactions in the grand concert hall, which is the Skillshare stage. In this setting, students collaborate with other virtuosos, share their melodies, and ask for feedback.

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How much does Skillshare cost?

Community-driven learning and accessibility can coexist peacefully, according to Skillshare, the egalitarian maestro. Both beginners and experts can develop their talents and ignite their passions on this adaptable stage.

As for the cost of this melodic journey, Skillshare offers two subscription options:

1. Monthly Subscription:

A recurring monthly fee, akin to a ticket to an ever-evolving symphony, grants access to the entire repertoire of courses.

2. Annual Subscription:

An annual subscription provides a one-time payment, frequently at a lower cost than the monthly charge, for individuals who want to buy a season pass.

The exact pricing may vary depending on your geographical location and the prevailing offers at the time of subscription. On occasion, Skillshare opens its doors with free trials, allowing prospective learners to sample the harmonies before becoming full-fledged members of the orchestra.

It is worth noting that both subscription options bestow unlimited access to the entire anthology of courses, making Skillshare a cost-effective virtuoso for those with an appetite for diverse knowledge and skills.


Are there better Skillshare alternatives?

In the vast landscape of online learning, several alternatives to Skillshare beckon with their unique melodies, each catering to different learning needs:

1. Udemy:

Udemy follows a distinct tune, offering individual courses for purchase rather than a subscription model. Its repertoire spans a wide spectrum of subjects, from professional development to technical skills and personal hobbies. The advantage lies in paying only for the courses that resonate with your learning aspirations.

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2. Coursera:

Coursera sets a more scholarly stage by collaborating with universities and esteemed institutions. It’s an ideal platform for those embarking on formal education, including degree programs and professional certificates. Here, the tempo leans towards structured academic learning.

3. edX:

edX orchestrates a symphony of courses from prestigious universities and institutions. It emphasizes academic rigor and offers a mix of free and paid courses. It’s a compelling choice for those seeking high-quality, academically oriented-learning experiences.

4. Pluralsight:

Pluralsight harmonizes with technology professionals, offering a vast array of courses in IT, software development, and related fields. It’s a choice for those in the tech industry seeking to sharpen their skills.

Your learning objectives and the song that most accurately captures your dreams will determine which option is best. Skillshare, with its focus on creative and project-based learning, is like a vibrant jazz ensemble, whereas these alternatives offer their own symphonic experiences, each with tempo and style.

How to Access Skillshare?

Accessing the captivating world of Skillshare is a breeze, akin to stepping into a vast library of knowledge.

1. Visit the Skillshare website:

  • Your journey begins by visiting the Skillshare website. Here, you can peruse a selection of available classes and explore their offerings without the need for an account. It’s like window-shopping for knowledge.

2. Sign up for an account:

  • To access the complete symphony of courses, you need to register for a Skillshare account. The platform usually offers a free trial as a warm welcome, allowing you to investigate the world of learning before committing.

3. Choose Your Subscription Plan:

  • Skillshare offers flexibility, allowing you to choose between a monthly or annual subscription plan. Select the one that harmonizes with your budget and the duration of your learning journey.

4. Embark on Your Learning Odyssey:

  • With a subscription in hand, you gain the key to a treasure trove of courses. You can look through courses based on their category, difficulty level, or even by keyword or teacher. Your educational journey has a set stage.
  • Skillshare has a mobile app that allows users to learn at any time and from any location, perfect for people who would rather live life on the go.

How to cancel Skillshare?

Now, if the time comes when you wish to conclude your Skillshare voyage, canceling your subscription is a matter of following these harmonious steps:

1. Log into your account:

  • Begin by accessing your Skillshare account through the website.

2. Navigate to Your Account Settings:

  • Within your account, navigate to the hallowed halls of account settings, where subscription details await.

3. Execute the cancellation:

  • In the subscription section, you’ll find the option to gracefully conclude your subscription. You can end your Skillshare journey in peace with a few clicks if you follow the instructions.
  • Recall that in order to avoid being billed for the subsequent period, you must cancel before the next billing date.

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Skillshare classes are worth it for…

Skillshare, an oasis of knowledge and creativity, beckons a diverse tapestry of seekers, each finding their treasure trove within its virtual halls. Here’s who Skillshare warmly welcomes:

1. Creative Visionaries:

Creative professionals, the architects of imagination, who seek to fortify their skills or embark on new horizons in realms like graphic design, photography, illustration, and the art of the quill, discover an abundant wellspring of resources.

2. Frontiersperson of Passion:

Hobbyists and enthusiasts, explorers of uncharted artistic realms, and those who kindle their passions in creative domains are embraced by the wide expanse of beginner-friendly classes.

3. Immortal Scholars:

Lifelong learners, perpetual students of the school of life, whose hunger for knowledge knows no satiation, find themselves satiated by the rich and diverse course offerings, a feast for the ever-curious mind.

4. Business Alchemists:

Entrepreneurs and freelancers, the alchemists of commerce, who seek to transmute ideas into ventures to distill the essence of marketing, branding, and freelancing, uncover practical, real-world wisdom.

The format of Skillshare, a sanctuary of interactivity and community, beckons to those who crave experiential learning through immersive projects and the nurturing feedback of a global fellowship. Skillshare, a haven of creativity and enlightenment, extends its embrace to all who dare to dream and learn.

Is Skillshare worth it?

The worthiness of Skillshare as an investment hinges on the unique contours of your learning aspirations and proclivities. Consider the following facets:


1. Learning Palette:

If your artistic canvas is adorned with interactive, project-based strokes and you revel in the tapestry of a creative community, Skillshare is a gem in your treasure trove. It beckons to those who relish learning by doing and sharing.

2. Course Kaleidoscope:

Skillshare’s brilliance shines in the realms of creativity and entrepreneurship. If your interests and professional ambitions align with these domains, you’ll discover a cornucopia of resources awaiting your exploration.

3. Financial Canvas:

In the tapestry of your budget, Skillshare’s subscription model weaves a cost-effective narrative, especially if your journey entails traversing multiple courses over time.

4. Commitment to Enlightenment:

For self-propelled souls, champions of self-motivation, and devotees of the art of time dedication, Skillshare unfurls an expansive library where you set the pace, a canvas for your journey of learning and growth.

In the grand mosaic of learning, Skillshare’s worth is the symphony of these considerations, harmonizing with the cadence of your quest for knowledge and self-improvement. Its worth is depicted through the brushstrokes of your learning style, financial limitations, and the dedication you promise to your path of insight.

Final review of Skillshare: Skillshare Review

Through our investigation, Skillshare is revealed as a reliable bulwark for individuals whose goals are engraved with inventiveness and enterprise. Strong hands-on projects, a lively community that values interaction, and an extensive library of courses selected by experts in their fields all contribute to the pedagogy that strengthens its foundations. Although the title of official accreditation eludes it, the skills and knowledge acquired within its sacred corridors are immeasurable treasures that will light the way for future advancement on both a personal and professional level.

Skillshare throws open its arms to anyone looking for an affordable, flexible, and immersive way to pick up new skills or build upon their current repertoire, especially in the areas of creativity and innovation. It may be a less-traveled path, though, for those who long for the seal of approval from accredited programs or the profundity of technical instruction.

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