Three Ways to Download Envato Elements for Free Legally

This article is not a roadmap to shortcuts or loopholes but a comprehensive guide to unlocking three ways to download Envato Elements for Free Legally, ensuring that the creative process thrives while respecting the rights of creators. 

In the dynamic landscape of digital creation, Envato Elements stands as an indispensable treasure trove for creatives worldwide. From stunning graphics to mesmerizing music tracks, this platform boasts a repository of diverse digital assets that fuel the imagination of designers, marketers, and content creators alike.

However, amid the allure of its extensive library lies a crucial consideration: the ethical and legal use of these invaluable resources. In a landscape where content accessibility often meets the barriers of subscriptions and costs, understanding how to navigate Envato Elements with integrity becomes paramount.

Join us as we delve into three ways to download Envato Elements for Free Legally and access this wealth of creative assets without compromising ethical boundaries or violating copyright laws.

What is Envato Elements?

In the digital creative community, Envato Elements is a dominant force, providing a wide range of digital assets and resources through a comprehensive subscription service. 

Professionals searching for excellent design elements, models, stock photos, visuals, video blueprints, fonts, and much more now turn to Elements, a well-known innovative ecosystem created by Envato.

This platform functions as an extensive library for creative professionals, including marketers, web developers, graphic designers, video editors, and independent contractors. With a subscription service called Envato Elements, users can access a vast collection of materials that can raise the standard and efficacy of their work.

What does Envato Elements Offer? 

Before delving into three ways to download Envato Elements for Free Legally, let us first discuss what Envato Elements has to offer. Envato Elements takes pride in its vast collection of digital assets, offering an expansive range of resources that cater to diverse creative needs:

  1. Graphics and Design Elements: The platform hosts an extensive selection of design elements, including vector graphics, illustrations, icons, and infographics, aiding designers in crafting visually captivating projects.
  2. Stock Photos and Videos: Envato Elements houses a diverse array of high-resolution photos and videos, covering various themes and subjects, empowering content creators to find the perfect visuals for their projects.
  3. Themes and Templates: Evanta Elements has ready-made designs you can easily change for websites, presentations, and visual ideas.
  4. Sounds and Music: They have different sounds and songs you can use in your videos or podcasts to make them better.
  5. Fonts and Add-ons: Evanto Elements gives you lots of fonts and tools to help you create and make your designs look cooler.

How much does Envato Elements cost?

You will be learning about three ways to download Envato Elements for Free Legally but you can also gain an insight into its costs. Envato Elements operates on a subscription-based model, offering unlimited downloads from its extensive library of digital assets at a fixed monthly or annual fee. 

#1. Individual Plan: 

The subscription cost for Envato Elements is approximately $33 per month when billed monthly and around $198 per year when billed annually, providing access to a diverse range of resources such as stock photos, graphics, templates, fonts, music, and more. 

This single subscription grants users unrestricted downloads and usage rights for all available content without any additional charges or hidden fees, making it a cost-effective solution for creative professionals.

#2. Team Plan: 

Envato Elements offers a specialized team plan catering to groups of up to 5 members, providing unrestricted access to its extensive library of digital assets. Priced at around $10.75 per month per team member, this plan allows collaborative teams to access and utilize diverse resources like stock photos, templates, fonts, and more. 

With unlimited downloads and usage rights, it ensures seamless creative workflow and cost-efficiency for small teams seeking premium creative content. However, the next section will tell you about three ways to download Envato Elements for Free Legally. 

Three Ways to Download Envato Elements for Free Legally

These methods offer legal and ethical ways to access Envato Elements’ premium content without breaching licensing agreements, catering to the creative needs of users seeking high-quality resources at no cost.

1. Free Envato Sites

Several Envato platforms occasionally offer freebies, providing access to a limited selection of premium content without cost. These freebies can include graphics, templates, fonts, and more, allowing users to explore and utilize high-quality assets without a subscription. 

Envato’s sites like Envato Market, Envato Tuts+, and others periodically release free items, allowing creatives to expand their resources without breaking any licensing agreements.

2. Envato Elements Monthly Freebies

Envato Elements generously offers a monthly selection of free items to both members and non-members. Each month, users can access a curated collection of premium assets available for download without a subscription. 

These freebies often include stock photos, templates, WordPress themes, fonts, and more. By visiting the “Freebies” section on the Envato Elements website, users can explore and download these assets legally, adding valuable resources to their projects at no cost.

3. Envato Elements Free Trial

In the list of three ways to download Envato Elements for Free Legally, you have access to free trials. Envato Elements occasionally offers a free trial period for new users, providing unrestricted access to its entire library of digital assets for a limited time. 

This trial period typically spans seven days and allows users to explore, download, and utilize assets across all categories. Users can sign up for this trial, accessing premium content legally during the trial period, although subscription details and cancellation terms apply once the trial expires.

Is Envato Elements For Free Worth It?

Envato Elements’ free offerings provide an excellent opportunity for creators to access premium resources without immediate financial commitment. However, the worth of the free version depends on individual needs and usage scenarios.

Value Proposition:

For beginners or those working on smaller-scale projects, the free assets offered by Envato Elements are incredibly valuable. They provide access to a curated selection of high-quality digital items like templates, graphics, fonts, and more. This allows individuals to experiment with various styles and elements without incurring costs upfront.


Despite the value it offers, the free tier has limitations. The available assets are typically a subset of the complete catalog, often limited in quantity or variety compared to the paid subscription. Additionally, the offerings might not align perfectly with specific project requirements, potentially necessitating a broader selection available through a paid subscription.

Considerations for Professional Use:

For professional creatives or businesses, while the free version can be a great starting point, it might fall short of meeting the demands of complex or large-scale projects. The paid subscription grants access to the full library, ensuring a more comprehensive array of assets, which is crucial for maintaining consistency and quality across various projects.

Trial Period and Decision-Making:

The free trial or occasional freebies can be a teaser, giving users a taste of the wealth of resources available on Envato Elements. This trial period can help in evaluating whether the platform aligns with one’s workflow and requirements. However, making the most of the trial period or occasional freebies requires planning and timely execution to maximize the value gained within the limited timeframe.


Ques 1. Is the Envato Elements free trial limited in terms of downloads?

Ans. Users can download as much as they want from the entire Envato Elements library while the free trial is active. But the trial only lasts for a set amount of time, usually seven days, after which access to the assets must be continued through subscription.

Ques 2. Can I use the free assets for commercial projects?

Ans. Yes, assets obtained through the freebies on Envato Elements or the trial period can be used in commercial projects following the licensing terms provided by Envato Elements. It is crucial to review and understand the licensing agreement for each asset before using it commercially.

Ques 3. Can I cancel my Envato Elements subscription after using the free trial?

Ans. Canceling your subscription would not cost anything, whether you have used it or not. But once the trial or membership is over, you cannot use the expensive stuff anymore.

Ques 4. Are there any geographical restrictions on accessing free assets on Envato Elements?

Ans. Envato Elements’ freebies and trial offers are generally available worldwide. However, some specific offers or promotions might have regional limitations, so it is essential to check the terms and conditions.

Ques 5. Can I use free assets obtained from Envato Elements in multiple projects?

Ans. Yes, assets downloaded from Envato Elements, whether free or through the trial, can typically be used in multiple projects, both personal and commercial, as long as they adhere to the licensing terms provided by Envato Elements.

Final Thoughts: Three Ways to Download Envato Elements for Free

In navigating the realm of accessing Envato Elements for free, three ways to download Envato Elements for Free Legally emerge, each offering a glimpse into the platform’s wealth of resources without compromising legality. 

The occasional provision of freebies across Envato platforms serves as a beacon, granting access to premium content periodically. Moreover, the monthly curated freebies within Envato Elements itself present an opportunity to acquire valuable assets without a subscription, catering to various creative needs. 

Additionally, the intermittent availability of a free trial allows users to delve into the entirety of Envato Elements’ library, which is given for a limited period. While these methods offer a glimpse into the platform’s offerings, they come with limitations in terms of duration or available content. 

Utilizing these avenues judiciously can enrich projects, aiding creativity without financial commitments. Ultimately, these paths provide a sneak peek into Envato Elements’ extensive offerings, enticing users to explore further or consider a subscription for a broader, more comprehensive creative toolkit.

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